Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting the site of FGUP Mosfilm company (hereinafter "we", "us" or "our"). The confidentiality of your information is important for us. In order to protect your confidential information more effectively, we want to notify you of our rules of information processing on the Internet and the opportunities that you can use with regard to collecting and usage of the personal information on the web pages to which these rules are applicable.

Since we are a Russian company all the information you give us will be kept and used in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

INFORMATION THAT WE COLLECT. On some Mosfilm company sites, you can order services, take part in contests and polls or express your opinion in any other way. You can also subscribe to some of our services - for instance, to our newsletter, or be active on one of our forums or community pages. On such pages, the following information may be collected: name, address, e-mail, telephone number, fax number, information about your preferences in respect of different products, programs and services, and also about the use of these products, programs, and services.

HOW DO WE USE SUCH INFORMATION. We use the information provided by you to fulfill your orders of our services, to respond to your requests about our offers and to provide you with other services you can be interested in.

We use this information to communicate with you, including to notify you of you winning one of our contests and about changes we made concerning our subscription agreement, to fulfill your applications for our newsletters and to discuss your account information.

We use the information that we collect about your activity on our forums and community pages for better feedback. We use this information to ensure your activity on such forums and communities and sometimes to send you our services offers.

If you decide to provide content for publication (for instance, by sending a letter to our editors), we can publish your username and other information you gave us. The information we collect does not let anyone identify you, and we use it to improve the structure and to make better content on our sites and also to take into account the interests of every user of our sites on the Internet.

We can also use this overall information to analyze trends of the usage of our sites and also to offer you our services.

We can disclose the information about the identity for judicial proceedings - for instance, by a court order. We can also disclose such information in response to a request made by law enforcement authorities and in cases we consider it necessary to carry out an investigation, to prevent or to take steps against some illegal activity, fraud suspicion or situations in which a potential threat to someone's physical safety or violation of our site's terms and conditions takes place, and in compliance with other law requirements. Besides, we can transfer information about you if we or one of our units is obtained, sold or becomes an object of a merger with another company.

Though we take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to information, we can not ensure that the information we collect will never be disclosed by means that violate these rules of confidentiality.

Finally, we will not disclose or transfer the information you gave us by any means not mentioned above without giving you an opportunity to decline any such use of such information.

INFORMATION COLLECTION BY INDEPENDENT SITES AND SPONSORS. Our site contains links to other sites whose rules of information processing may be different. Visitors should learn about the Confidentiality Protection Policy on other sites before they provide any information because we have no control of the information, transferred to such third parties or collected by them.

On Mosfilm company website credible third parties can display or provide maintenance for advertisements, provide services on data collecting, writing reports and measuring responsiveness to advertisements, and also help to deliver respective marketing messages and advertisements. 
Such third parties can view, edit or set their own cookie files. These technologies are used by such third parties in compliance with their own Confidentiality Protection Policy, and such use of information is not regulated by our protecting confidential information described in this document.

COOKIE FILES AND OTHER TECHNICAL DETAILS. We, our independent service providers and our partners may send cookies to your computer or use other such technologies to improve the way you can use our sites and the Internet. Cookies are the files that can identify you as a unique user and store information about your personal preferences. They also store technical information, including the one about clicks on advertisements and browsing history. Cookie files control the advertisements and measure their effectiveness. Cookie files can be permanent (they are on your computer until you delete them) or temporary (they are on your computer until you close your browser window).
We may also use the web beacons that monitor your activity on our site. Web beacons (also known as web bugs) are short lines of program code that provide a way to deliver graphic image to a web page for transfer of such data as IP address (Internet Protocol) of computer, from which the page with a web beacon was loaded, URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and time you visited the page, type of browser on which the beacon was used, and reference number of any cookie file downloaded to your computer from this server.

When we communicate via e-mail and HTML functions are on, web beacons inform us whether you got our message and opened it.

Cookie files and web beacons on their own do not contain and do not disclose any information on identity. However, if you decide to provide information that will let us identify you, it will be connected with data from cookies and web-beacons.

By accepting this Confidentiality Protection Policy you, in particular, give us a permission to use cookies and web beacons by means described above. You can change your browser settings and refuse cookies sent by us or by any other site. Moreover, if you configure your browser in such way that the e-mail messages with HTML-code will be displayed only as plain text, you can avoid some kinds of web beacons. You can find more detailed information about this in HELP tab of your browser. However, access to some sections of our sites is possible only with cookies or other similar means. So you should remember that disabling cookies or other similar means may limit your access to some content of our sites.

OUR OBLIGATIONS TO ENSURE SECURITY. We use all the necessary physical, electronic and managerial procedures to secure information and to prevent unauthorized access to it, to maintain the security of data and to correctly use the information we collect on the Internet.

NOTIFICATIONS ON UPDATES. Occasionally there might be some changes in this Confidentiality Protection Policy. We will notify you of any essential changes in regards to our information processing by placing a notification on our site. We recommend you to check back this Policy so that you always know which information we collect, how we use it and whom we provide it to.

HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US. . If you have questions or suggestions concerning this Confidentiality Protection Policy and its implementation write us: